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Stop Windows Reboot Prompt Application: Free.


You know when Windows updates itself and a popup comes up every three minutes or so asking you to

 reboot your computer?

You are doing something else and you don't want to reboot right now, you might have an important

download on the go are editing your website or whatever.

The annoying thing sneaks up by surprise and you click on it by mistake and off goes your computer, no

 way to even save your work. AAARGGHH!

The alternative of course is to leave it open and moving it out of the way and that's what I did till one

day I decided that that was it, I was making a point to search the net for however long

it took till I fixed this problem. After wading through the usual tons of rubbish I finally found it and have

been using it ever since, and that was a long time ago.

It's a little gem of an  application, no installing, you click on it, a tiny window comes up,

 you tick a box, hit "apply" and.... that's all there is to it :)

And here it is, for you to download and keep, free. --> Download <---

Please note: as with all things, there's no warranty, given or implied. I am only writing this to cover

myself as with these things you never know what people are like so if you are afraid that your pc will

explode after installing this or you'll get a virus that will infect all your socks in the drawer then get out

of here.


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