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I have been asked how to stop popups about regfixit, regcleanup etc.

(Many of )These come through windows messenger service on windows versions previous to XP SP2.

 I use Windows 2K so the first thing I do after a clean install of Windows is to disable the messaging service so I won't be prey of spammers any more, this will also help users of XP previous to SP2 or anyone who needs to stop these annoying messages..

The service has nothing to do with ICQ, Yahoo messenger, MSN, and can be disabled without any ill effects.

Disabling the service is fairly easy to do but the easiest way is to download the below utility and run it.


by McDaniel Development

NoMess is a free application that allows you to disable the Windows Messenger Service in Windows 2000 and XP, thus disallowing spammers access to your internal network messenger protocols.

For more information, please visit or the Microsoft Knowledge Base at .

This software is free, and has no warranty, implied or otherwise. We are not responsible for misuse or for problems arising form the use of this software.

Simply right click here (44 KB) and save to your hard drive then open the program. It will not need installing.



How To Stop Messenger Home > Computers & Internet > How To Stop Messenger

How To Stop Messenger