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How to search Google by date


This is just a quick page so that I can remember this cool tip. It is a Google search that adds a dropdown box to your results and dates to every result.

These dates are the dates when the page was first published, or when big G descovered it, I am not sure but it is a cool search in that you can use this search to find out just who first published some text you might be researching.

For instance I have just seen a recipe published on a page, I grab a piece of random text and search for it to find the same text on about 4 more websites, but who published it first? Now with this search, I will know immediately!

This is the string

if you were to input that search into your address bar it would look for "Lamborghini" the difference is that each search result has the date next to it and you get a drop down box so you can display your results by date.

Actually there's more than you drop down box you can search by relevance, see only sites with images etc etc don't you just love Google.


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Search Google by date