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Here's some good quality free websites in php you can download and use to earn some money.

The only restriction is you aren't allowed to mess with copyright info etc, just leave the credits where they are, that' s all that it is asked.

See the Credit Card site (demo) Download The Credit Cards website [263kb zip 43 pages zip]
See the Sports Cars site (demo) Download The Sports Cars website [286kb zip 74 pages zip]
See the Hybrids Cars Site (demo) Download The Hybrid Cars website [155kb zip 28 pages zip]
See the Dating Site (demo) Download The Dating website [157kb zip 32 pages zip]
AutoCare - . Download The AutoCare WebSite [178kb zip 32 pages zip] Get header PSD [614kb zip]
Digital Cameras -  (from this site down, there is an extra include in the head section, called from "/inc/" this is useful when wanting to add special features to your sites, if not used it is left blank) Download The Digital Cameras WebSite [436kb zip 123 pages zip] Get header PSD [ 425kb zip]
Domains - See a demo Download the Domains website [522kb zip 136 pages zip] Get PSD header [86kb zip]
Gardening - See Demo Download the Gardening website [425kb zip 113 pages zip] Get PSD header [408kb zip]
Affiliate Marketing - See demo Download the Affiliate Marketing web site [325kb zip about 70 pages zip] Get PSD header [418kb zip]
Work Online - See demo Download the Work Online web site [334kb 72 pages zip] Get PSD Header [368kb zip]
Internet Marketing- See demo Download the Internet Marketing web site [642kb 155 pages zip] Get PSD Header [292kb zip]
Internet Publishing - See Demo [new Aug 20 2009] Download the Internet Publishing Site [233kb 43 pages zip] Get PSD Header [443kb zip]
Debt Consolidation - See demo [new Sept 3 2009] Download the Debt Consolidation Site [359kb 50 pages]  Get PSD Header
Porsche Auto Parts See Demo Download the Porsche Auto Parts Site [141kb 25 pages] Get PSD Header [638kb]
Forex Market Site  See Demo [new June 2010] Download the Forex Market site [280k 52 pages] Get PSD Header [1.1mb]

There'll be similar free websites sites available soon so don't forget to bookmark us.

Some info:

They have been made with adsense in mind but they can be used for just about anything.

They all have:
1) a google privacy policy
2) a sitemap
3) a "clever" home page that rotates all pages in turn for good SEO
4) each of the pages has a mixed navigation bar so all pages get a turn to be on the nav bar without cluttering it.
5) full php, all changeable parts are on includes, so you just place code in the "inc" files using notepad and upload it to a server, you can be running in about 2 minutes.
6) comprehensive META tags

Remember to edit the footer (in the inc folder) with your email address and you should then be 100% Google friendly but to be sure just read their TOS as they are constantly updating it and we accept no responsibility of any sorts, the site is given as-is, no warranties given or implied!

All editable files are in the "inc" folder, just change those and upload. The google search needs you to get into your adsense account to get a fresh search code to replace content of the file in the inc folder.

It seems all fairly straight forward to me but if you get any probs, shoot me an email, addy is in the zip file. I actually need some questions to make a Q&A page so don't be shy.

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