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  How to easily change file extension.

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Here we go, another piece of my personal "essential software package".

It needs to be installed, but that's because it adds itself to the right click window.

What does it do? Imagine you need to change a file extension, from htm to php or from txt to doc.

If your folder is set up to "hide known file types" then you won't see the extension and so how do you change it?

After installing this, you simply right click on the file, then look for the extension name and change it. That's it.

Of course you could set up the folder to "show known file types" and so you will see extension names for all files, however it adds a problem as every time you change a file's name you have to enter the dot and its extension every time, if you forget, first windows will pop up a warning saying that "if you change a file's extension the file will become instable" or something to that effect, second, if you don't enter the extension... well, the fie will have no extension and so it won't be associated with any program.

In a nutshell, I don't know how other people solve this problem but I solved it about 10 years ago using this little gem and it gets installed every time I reformat. It's just a tiny .dll and so it won't use any resources.

It will also allow you to change the file's attributes, from read only to archived, temporary etc, I have ever used it to change file extension on the fly with a simple right click.

Virus checked, but do your own checking before unzipping!

Here it is: Change file extension software, free to keep.

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Change ext
Home > Web Tools > Change File Extension
Change file extension