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Problems With Videos and Codecs?

This page was set up to help you solve video codecs problems. If you instead came here looking for info on what a video codec is then click here ). It basically is a tiny piece of software with which they code video files, there are very many of them and to watch the video you need the same codec they used to encode it. Or something like that.

To get straight to the point:  if you are having problems watching a movie/clip there's a big chance this'll solve it. Just download the file below which is a collection of all sorts of codecs.

Download the klite codec pack, then unzip it and install it (17.8mbs zip file)

I virus scanned it before uploading it but if you are worried then scan it too.

 It'll install all codecs you'll ever need, including Media Player Classic, which is one of the highlights of this package.

I have used this for years and it has never let me down, I use it every time I reformat windows.

NOTE: There is a newer pack for the Vista operating system.

I haven't tried it and I won't since I am quite happy with my Win2k setup and the above pack never gave me any problems but I have had people using Vista telling me this worked for them as well so there you go: Codec Pack for Vista (12.4mb zip)

Please scan it for viruses so you won't blame me for anything!

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have fun


Video Codecs
Home > download codec pack
Video Codecs